Lucy’s Newest Obsession

We rented a couple of movies the other night. We usually get one for the grown ups and one for the kids. We decided to rent Barbie in a Christmas Carol for Lucy. When our 5 days were up with the movie, you would have thought the world ended. You ask Lucy what she wants to watch and the answer is still “Barbie Kissmas.” If she sees a Christmas commercial on TV, it’s automatically “Barbie Kissmas!” Heck, if you ask her to say “Merry Christmas,” it comes out as “Barbie Kissmas!” I can’t get over how much she loves Barbie!

So, when I saw that Momsational is having a giveaway for Barbie and the Diamond Castle, I just had to enter. Lu would LOVE this!

Well, crap. The giveaway is over. Should have looked at that first. Duh.

Also, I received 4 more packages today, but haven’t taken photos yet. I’ll try to get them up on here tonight. Oh! And I must say that our weekend mailman is much nicer than the grumpy guy we usually get. I’ll have to leave the cookies for the mailman on a Saturday so the right guy gets them! 😉

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    I read this and it makes me a little jealous I don’t have a girl. Don’t get me wrong. I love my boys but I would like to have a Barbie Kissmas too! LOL! 😉

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