March 13th & 14th

March 13th
Gene called me on his way to the Mission’s Conference at church and handed the phone to Zander. “Mom! The guy I just saw had a diaper over his mouth. Can you believe that?” After Gene got the phone back, he told me that Zander had seen a billboard on the side of the road. On the sign, the guy had a gag in his mouth. Apparently, the gag looked more like a diaper!

March 14th
Tonight as we were driving home from the Mission’s Conference at church, Zander and Jace were both a little loopy. Anyway, Jace said, “When I get home, I’m going to get my clothes off and run in my diaper. Then, everyone will see me naked.” Everyone in the car started cracking up, so he continues by smacking his forehead and adding, “I am funny lookin’!”

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    Danielle's Daily life says:

    Oy, a kid at work did that, but he took off the diaper, too.
    Good thing the diaper was clean.

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