March 14th

The boys had just gotten ready for bed, Z in his SuperMan pj’s and JJ in his Buzz Lightyear jammies. Here’s how the conversation went when I asked them to hop up on a chair so I could brush their teeth:

Me: “Zander, hop up here and let me brush your teeth.”
Z: “Mom, I am not Zander. I’m Superman!”
Me: “Oh, Sorry. Superman, hop up here and let me brush your teeth.”

He happily jumps up, gets his teeth brushed, and hops off to bed. JJ’s turn…..

Me: “Ok, Buzz, it’s your turn!”
JJ: “Mom. My name is not Buzz. My name is Jace. You have to call me Jace.”

Well, ok then. Seems Mom just can’t win tonight!

Angie Vinez (2893 Posts)

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