March 1st

Jace, Zander, Juanita, and I were upstairs hanging out in the living room. Ash wasn’t home from school yet, Gene was still sleeping, and Lucy was also asleep in her bed. The boys were playing in front of the coffee table with their Superman figures. (Gene hates it when I call them dolls. Superman can’t be a doll.) Anyway, all of a sudden, Jace drops his Superman doll er, figure. He pauses for a moment, grabs his stomach and says, “Oh my gosh! The baby’s coming!”

Now, if you’ve seen the movie Barnyard, you would know that in the movie, Daisy tricks Otis by saying the baby is coming. For some reason, Jace thought it would be funny to do the same thing to Zander.

Zander didn’t find it quite as funny as Juanita and I did. It took me forever to stop laughing after that one!

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