March 20th

Jace this morning: “Mom! Mom! I need to watch the I-up-down show! Mom! Is it time for the I-up-down show yet? It’s my favorite!”

For those who don’t know “The Upside Down Show” is a fairly new show on Noggin. Stupidest show I’ve ever seen, but the boys just love it!

Part Two
Jace was trying to reach his Spiderman toy that had fallen under their little table. As he crawled out from under the table, he hit his head. He starts rubbing his head, and comes over to me, “Mommy. I hit my back-head.”

Part Three
The boys were playing in the living room and the new Subway commercial came on. The woman on the screen ordered a “Badonk-a-donk butt.” Zander asked Jace who wanted a “Ba-donkey butt” and Jace replied, “I do. I want to eat it.”

Some days these boys just don’t stop!

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