March 9th & 10th

March 9th
Zander was getting ready to go up on stage at a beautiful baby contest. I asked him what he was going to do to get the people in the audience to smile. He gives me this great big grin and says, “I’m going to show them my beautiful eyes and then act like a monkey.” He didn’t act like a monkey, but he did bat his little eyes as fast as he could!

March 10th
Jace and I went out this afternoon to drop off some clothes at a local thrift store. While we were waiting on them to go through the clothes, he and I walked down to a craft store nearby. In there, we found lots of animals. When we got home, we were telling Zander about all the animals. He wanted to know about the snakes that we saw, so I told him that we saw a rattle snake and a King Cobra. He turns to Gene and says, “Daddy, what’s a Bing Bogo?”

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