May 14th

I know that I laughed at least a hundred times today, but I’m not feeling well and my brain has gone totally blank. I just can’t remember a thing.

However, I will tell you that Zander has taken excellent care of me, and all of the kids have helped out so much – well, all but Jace. He’s sick, too, so I’ve been trying to comfort him and keep myself sane at the same time.

I’m hoping tomorrow I can remember something from today and edit in in here. For now, I’m heading to bed for as long as the kids will let me sleep.

Edited to add: Gene told me that yesterday afternoon, Zander came bouncing into the living room happily declaring, “I feel good and I can dance on my tippy-toes to show you how good I feel!” He then proceeded to dance around the living room as happy as could be. Wish I’d been alert enough to see it!

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