May 17th

We were watching American Gladiators this evening. This show has become a new favorite of the boys, and it’s fun for Gene and I to “remember when.” Anyway, as we were watching it, Gene asked the boys which was their favorite Gladiator. Jace said that he liked “Wendy Brown” who had been a contestant several weeks ago. Apparently, JJ just liked her name. Zander, however, said that he liked Gold. When we asked him why, he replied, “Because she’s pretty!”

We then asked Jace if he liked Thunder, one of the new gladiators for that season. Jace said, “No, he has too much hair.”

After that, we asked Z which of the boy gladiators was his favorite. He told us, “None of them. I only like Gold. I could look at her all day.”

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