May 19th

This morning, we were driving to pick up a friend, and we passed by a car dealership. Lo and behold, standing outside the dealership was none other than BATMAN. Zander flipped out. He loves Batman and couldn’t believe he saw him just standing on the side of the road! He proceeded to tell me everything he knows about Batman and every reason why he thought Batman would be at a car dealership – (there are no bad guys out right now, he’s getting the Batmobile fixed, he’s looking to buy a new batmobile) – I’m telling you, he came up with every possible explanation he could for why Batman was out his window.

After we picked up our friend, we drove back past the dealership and Batman was gone. I told Zander that he must have gone to fight crime. He replied, “No. He’s in the batmobile and fighting the bad guys!”

Angie Vinez (2893 Posts)

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