May 20th

As we were getting in the car this afternoon, I was putting Lucy’s car seat in while the boys climbed into their car seats. Zander says, “Mom, do you know what I said to Jace? I said, ‘You better not even think about spitting,’ but he wouldn’t listen to me.” I then asked Zander, “But, Z, are you the Mommy? Is it your job to tell Jace what to do?” Zander thought about it for a second, got a big smile on his face and declared, “No. I am the daddy, and that means I am in charge!”

Part Two
Tonight at church, we had a concert instead of a usual Sunday Evening Service. The boys wanted to stay with us instead of going to their classes. We got to a pew and everyone sat down, but there wasn’t quite enough room for Zander and I to fit. I told Jace, “Tell Daddy to scoot down some. Mommy has a big butt.” Jace reached behind me, rubbed my hind end and said, “No you don’t!”

I love that kid! 🙂

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