May 23rd

Jace was stomping on the kitchen floor this morning. MIL’s room is directly below the kitchen, and she was still in bed. I told Jace to stop stomping because MawMaw was right beneath him. He stopped, looked at the bottom of his shoes, and replied, “No her is not!”

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    Hey Angie – long time, no read!

    The things your little ones say always put a smile on my face.

    I have to share this one – our puppies hit 2 months old last week and we were taking them to their new homes and the last one was a little cutie my Mom had picked out and named “Madison”.

    As we dropped her off and were saying good bye – Kaylin got a little upset and didn’t want Madi to go live with Grandma.

    I was holding her and saying “Good Bye ‘MAD-A-SIN’, good bye…” and Kaylin stomped her foot and said,


    She’s over it now, but I will never forget how Kaylin acted that day when her little playmate moved to Grandma’s house! :o)

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