Microsoft Office Live (Review)

Thanks to Mom Central, I recently had the opportunity to take Microsoft Office Live for a test drive.

As a business running and homeschooling mom, and one who logs in to computers at home, at the library, and while traveling, I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful Microsoft Office Live is, or how much it has helped keep me organized and sane! 

Registering with Microsoft Office Live is easy, and it only takes a minute. Then, over the next few days, Microsoft Office Live will send you emails with tips and tricks for getting the most from their services. I loved this feature. Even though I had already jumped in and started using Microsoft Office Live, it was still great to see how much more I would be able to do.

I decided to give Microsoft Office Live the ultimate test while we were on vacation last week. Before we left, I logged in and set up several different work spaces. First, I used the Travel Workspace. This allowed me to get my entire trip organized. I created a make-shift schedule of our trip, imported the documents and files I would need for homeschooling the kids while we were away, and created a travel checklist for daily lesson plans.

When we got to Ohio, I knew my computer access would be limited – and slow, but I logged into my Microsoft Office Live account from hubby’s Grandparent’s computer. I was really nervous about how compatible their dial-up connection and Microsoft Office Live would be, so I kept my fingers crossed as I signed in. Luckily, I had absolutely no problems at all! I was shocked at how easily I could access all of the documents, check lists, and everything else I had created with just a few clicks. Sure, it was slow – but it wasn’t because of Microsoft Office Live. It was because of the dial up connection. And it definitely wasn’t impossible. I was still able to get everything I needed all on a computer that was hundreds of miles away from my home computer.

Now that I’m home from vacation, I’m still using Microsoft Office Live every day. I love it! It has been a great tool for creating lesson plans for the kids, making to-do lists, and keeping my business invoices, quotes, and projects all in one easy-to-access place. Another great feature of Microsoft Office Live is the fact that I can share documents with other people. Because I help run and co-manage several online networking groups, I can quickly and easily share important files with my fellow group leaders. I love that! And if they don’t have the same version of the program I used to create the file, it doesn’t matter! They can view Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint files that I upload and share right from their browser. No more creating separate files to email and share. We can all access the same files and make changes as necessary.

The best part about Microsoft Office Live, though, is that it’s free. There’s no cost to upload any documents. There’s no cost for anything! Just create your account, and start making workspaces to access exactly what you need wherever you might be.

I’m grateful to Mom Central for introducing me to Microsoft Office Live and allowing me to share this fantastic resource with my readers.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Microsoft Office Live. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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    Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish says:

    This sounds amazing! We could always use more virtual storage and organization for sure!

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