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My kids love milk, but it’s just not an on-the-go option for them. Where we live, we have to drive in order to get anywhere. (The dentist is an hour and a half away. The nearest mall is over 2 hours away. You get the idea.) When we do take a trip, I don’t want them drinking sugary drinks like soda or juice. And since it takes so long to drive to the dentist, I’d like to keep our trips down there to a minimum. 😉

Luckily, there’s another option! Shelf safe milk is real milk. It contains the same proteins and nutrient that refrigerated milk does. There are no additives or preservatives. And the best part? It doesn’t need refrigerated until after you open it! That means you can take your milk on the go with you and enjoy it anytime, anywhere. And since you can get regular or flavored shelf safe milk, you’re sure to make everyone in the family happy – even the pickiest drinker. (Like me!) I must confess, I don’t like milk. (Gasp.) But with the flavored shelf-safe milk, I love the smooth, creamy taste, and I can get the calcium and vitamins that I (and my growing baby!) need.

If I know we have a long drive ahead of us, I’ll throw a couple of shelf safe milk single-serve packages in the freezer the night before. The next morning, I’ll stick them in the diaper bag, and the kids can have milk whenever they’d like. Shelf safe milk is perfect for today’s on the go family.

Shelf safe milk goes through ultra pasteurization and the special Tetra Pak eco-friendly cartons keep milk safe for drinking whenever it’s most convenient. It’s a very safe process, and all it does is adds a convenience factor to the milk that you already love so much.

Take a moment to watch this video and learn more:

Link to video: http://youtu.be/xSn-DnnYP3g

Because I have such a large family, I like to buy in bulk whenever I can. Shelf safe milk is perfect for buying in bulk. I can store it in the pantry, the basement, or the garage, and we’ll have it when we need it. It doesn’t expire nearly as quickly as refrigerated milk, so I can really stock up. (And I use it for cooking too! The single serving packages are usually just the right amount for whatever I’m making.

The uses for shelf safe milk are endless, and it has become a convenient staple in my house and for my family.

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