Money Saving Apps – No Smart Phone Necessary (Review)

It doesn’t matter who you are or what kind of situation you are in – we all want to save money. Am I right? Well, now, Sprint customers (among others) can save money with coupons just by using their cell phone. Yep! You can save money on groceries, clothing, electronics, and more by downloading a free app onto your cell phone.

Here are some of the free apps available:

  • ScanLife – This application, available on BlackBerry and Android smartphones from Sprint, allows shoppers to find the current price of a product, such as consumer electronics, books or DVDs, across dozens of stores in an instant. Using the phone’s built-in camera, product barcodes are effortlessly scanned, providing the user with price comparisons and consumer reviews from multiple online retailers like Amazon. 
  • PriceGrabber – Similar to ScanLife, but available on most Sprint cell phones (not specific to smartphones), with PriceGrabber, shoppers can enter the product name or number and quickly find the lowest price on millions of products from thousands of online merchants. Find products, compare prices, read product reviews and get merchant ratings – it’s all right in your hand!
  • My Coupons (Android) MobiQpons (BlackBerry) Cellfire (most phones) – provides coupons for restaurants, clothing stores, groceries and more; simply show the cashier the coupon on your Sprint phone to redeem. With My Coupons, users can also share coupons with friends by texting the coupon to any phone, email, Twitter or Facebook account. Even includes many freebies and two-for-one deals. 
  • Key Ring (Android) Green Loyalty Membership Cards (most phones) – allows shoppers to scan in rewards cards from grocery stores, book stores, toys stores, etc., so the store can scan their phone rather than the card. Put down those coupon-clipping scissors and lighten the load in your wallet, or on your key ring, from all those frequent-shopper reward cards and rely on your phone instead!

My Review of These Money Saving Apps
While I don’t have a Sprint phone or service, and these are available on Sprint phones, I was still able to download and use these apps. Below, I’m going to give you my opinion of each app used.

  • Scan Life – This app worked great with both my iPhone and hubby’s LG Xenon phone. My iPhone would only scan UPC barcodes, and often times I got a “This code is not registered or was created from an unknown source.” But, when it worked, it worked great. Hubby’s phone allowed it to “scan” all the different types of codes, and we were quickly and easily able to see the prices and where to buy online of the bazillion different items that we scanned.
  • Price Grabber – Ok, so I was totally bummed that this app wouldn’t work with my iPhone. It’s such a great idea. But, it did work with hubby’s phone. It was very similar to the Scan Life app, but it seemed to work a lot faster on his phone. We took it to our local electronics store and typed in a few items to see if it would give us a better price on anything. Usually, it pulled up several different options right away, and we were able to find the best prices available.Worked great and was super easy to use.
  • CellFire – This app is great, (and works on both my phone AND hubby’s phone!), but because we live in such a rural area, there wasn’t much I could do with it. I couldn’t put in a savings card for a grocery store, and the only offers available in “my area” were discounts to If we lived in a city or somewhere a little more “technologically advanced” I think this app would be an invaluable tool. I’d love to work with it more and am holding out hope that someday our area will join the 21st century. I did try changing the zip code to the city where hubby is working now, and a bunch of Kroger deals came up. So, if you live somewhere near a Kroger or  other compatible store, you’d be golden! I do love that you can save the deals to your savings card or to your phone. So cool!
  • Green Loyalty Membership Cards – another app that didn’t work with my iPhone. (Sniff, sniff) But, once again, it worked with hubby’s phone. Which, actually proved to be quite helpful. My keyring looks like I am a membership-card-aholic. I’ve got memberships cards to everything, and if I don’t have my keys with me at the time of checkout, I’m pretty much screwed. But, since we were able to scan in the membership cards to hubby’s phone, now I can send him on some errands and not have to take the card off my key chain, give it to him, and hope and pray he doesn’t lose it. Now he just pulls up the card on his phone and scans the barcode it shows when he’s ready to check out. I REALLY want this app for my iPhone. I’d love to clean off my key ring and make some extra room in my purse.

Overall, these apps are great. And, like I said above, you don’t even need to have a smart phone to use them. And, if you’ve got a Sprint phone, you’re pretty much golden. They should work perfectly for you.

Check out all the apps and start saving money today. They’re free to download, so you’ve got no excuses!

Disclaimer: I was contacted by a rep from Corporate Communications | Sprint Nextel and told about the free apps available. I was not compensated for this post in any way. The opinions above are purely my own and are backed by my thorough review. Please note that other users may have different results when using these apps.

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