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So, a very dear friend of mine (and a mom to 7 – MY HERO!) turned me on to I am HOOKED! I have had way too much fun asking the genie for a name for a little boy.

Some of the names he has given me have been such a hoot. Here’s a few of my favorites that I could just NEVER use:
Blaze Ashton
Milo Theodore
Tanner Prince
Justice Deacon
Weston Houston
and my all time favorite…. Stone Morgan. (This name cracks me up, because both of my boys’ names came from characters on General Hospital. If Stone Morgan isn’t *THE* perfect General Hospital name, I don’t know what is!)

I did, however, get some REALLY great names from the site. We’ve settled on a middle name already, so now we just need a first name. Here’s most of my list of first name choices… I’m still debating on a few more:
Kaden (or Caden not sure of the spelling we’d use) – vetoed by Courtney. 🙂
Cooper – Vetoing this one. “Cooper Pooper” was the first thing Zander said when I said this name out loud.
Landon – I vetoed this one.
Calen (pronounced with a short “a”) – we’d call him Cal
Garrison – Hubby vetoed this one.
Greyson – Ashley vetoed this one.
Keenan – Hubby vetoed this one.

Ok, so it’s not a little list. And, it’s not a complete list. It’s being added to all the time. And, the list above is in no particular order. I have extra special favorites scattered throughout the list.

If you’ve got more names along those lines, feel free to let me know!! 🙂

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  1. 1
    Danielle says:

    From your list, I like Maxwell (can be called Max) and Camden (after Reverend Camden, lol).
    If Caleb is out, what about Joshua? You may think it’s too plain, but I always liked Caleb and Joshua together, because in the Bible, they were the first two to enter the promised land. They are good luck names!

  2. 2
    Courtney says:

    How fun! I may have to go there just for fun. However, You cannot do Caden or Kaden…everyone I have ever known is a complete monster! And I mean naughty! 🙂

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