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I’m sure you have noticed my lack of giveaways around here, and I truly apologize. I’ve got a few that I need to get posted, but I have just been so overwhelmed lately, that I’m lucky to get anything posted on a given day.

Vacation Bible School starts in one week. One week! I am so not ready for it. I’ve got so much left to do. Just getting our room decorated has become a nightmare. Somehow, I’ve allowed VBS to become about the decorating and being better than everyone else. Yesterday was a knock upside the head. I spent most of the day wandering (aimlessly, I might add) through Home Depot, trying to figure out how to make a giant shark’s mouth to cover the doorway. As I was adding up the cost of the materials, it passed the $100 mark. I don’t have an extra $100 to put into a project that’s going to be up for 5 days and then thrown away. What was I thinking?

I burst into tears in the middle of Home Depot and called my husband. I’ve let VBS become about so much more than what it’s supposed to be about. I have this horrible desire to be better than everyone else. To have the best decorated room so that people ooooohhhh and aaaaaaahhhhhhh over what I have done. Wow. When did I let VBS become about me, and not about Jesus? Yes, I want my room to look great. And, yes, I want the kids to come back every night during the week. But, why? Do I want them to come back to see what I’ve done? It shouldn’t matter what I’ve done. What matters is what Jesus has done for these kids, and what He wants to do for them. That’s the point of VBS, isn’t it? Shame on me for making it about more than Him. There’s nothing more than Him.

So, there will be no giant shark head to greet the children in my classroom. I may not have the best decorated room in the church this year, but I’m ok with that. As long as I keep my focus where it should be, that’s all that will matter in eternity.

But, I still have much to do to prepare for VBS. I’ll need to come up with another idea to decorate the door, and I’ve got a week’s worth of lessons to prepare, *plus* homeschooling on top of it. It’s all seeming pretty overwhelming, but if I keep my priorities right, it will all be just fine in the end.

Please stay tuned. I will have lots of fun giveaways coming up very soon. I’m even working with a fabulous blogger, Angela from Fab Find Foodie, on a fun giveaway event for next month that you won’t want to miss. More details on that are coming soon. I just need to get things under control around here, first.

I appreciate you all bearing with me for the next week. I promise to make it up to you!

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    Anonymous says:

    Shark? No problem.Here's what you do: Get Grey Construction paper ( Lots of it)and a few quarts of white paint. Break down a few cardboard boxes, line your doorway, use duct tape to keep cardboard securely up. Cover Cardboard COMPLETLY with Heavy Grey paper,superglue it. Paint Jagged white teeth ( Large Triangles pointed outward)

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