More Packages!

Here’s what arrived today!

A nursing pillow from My Brest Friend. They sent me the deluxe pillow in blue and an extra slipcover. I’ve already used the pillow a bunch of times and LOVE it! Nursing hurts my back SO badly, and this has really eliminated that pain. I LOVE that the pillow is big enough to rest my arms on, and it goes all the way around me to help keep my back straight. I am hooked on this, and wish I had had one for all my kids – breast or bottle fed!

An adorable winter monkey onesie and matching hat from Lil’ Cubby. It is just too cute!! I can’t wait to get Parker in it in the next few weeks and show him off! And, of course, show lots of pictures on here! It’s still a bit too big, but he’ll be in it in just a few weeks, I’m sure! Here’s the set:

An organic Blue Elephant crib sheet from Wild Dill. It’s just adorable! And it’s so soft! Parker will love sleeping on this when he moves up to the crib! 🙂

And, here are a couple of items that arrived in the BIG box from Kim:

An absolutely adorable baby tutu from Baby Cha Cha. I’ve already found a new home for this, as I just don’t think it’ll work for Parker. I do hope that it will make it’s new owner smile, though, and appreciate the chance to pass it on to another mom in need. I did want to show you all how cute it is, though!

A Sandy’s XSm Cloth Diaper, Liner, and AirFlow cover from Mother-ease. I really like this one. It’s still a bit too big for Parker (he has NO waist or butt! I can’t keep it on him!) but it should fit him soon. I’m totally digging the jungle print on the cover. Isn’t it adorable?!

A diaper bag by Amy Michelle. LOVE this bag. I am SO excited that this is one of the prizes! I’m putting everything in it so that I can show it off tomorrow at my doctor’s appointment! 🙂 I sent my husband to the store to buy a diaper bag because I broke the zipper on the one my friend sent me. Anyway, the man comes home with a DUFFLE BAG – totally not a diaper bag. Can’t trust a man to do anything. BUT, now that I have this bag, there are no more worries! It’s trendy, big enough to fit all my stuff in it, AND my husband doesn’t mind carrying it around! Fabulous bag all the way around!

Again, please go check out these sponsors. They’ve all got some awesome items available on their websites!!!

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