My back went out again…

I am telling you what, this is getting OLD! I went to go potty last night, and half way down, my back completely went out!

I had to stay home from church last night because Jace spiked a fever and his rash got worse, but of course it didn’t help that my back went out and made it that much harder to help care for him.

I’ve got to find some kind of relief. I’ve tried everything today…. soaking in a cold tub, putting an ice pack on my back, using the heating pad… but nothing has worked!

My doctor is convinced that this is just because this is pregnancy #5 and things are more limber now, but I’ve always had back issues. I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis in 5th grade, but my parents couldn’t afford to have it treated. So, for 20 years, I’ve just dealt with it. But, now, with my back giving out every week or every other week, I just can’t do this anymore.

I need to see a chiropractor, but I can’t find one that accepts my insurance. I can’t afford to pay cash. I’m really running out of options.

I’d really appreciate some prayers. I’ll be 19 weeks tomorrow, which means I’ll be almost half way through the pregnancy. That still leaves me a long time to have to deal with a very bad back. Your prayers would be coveted!

Sorry to whine again!

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