My day with 6 kids…

I kept Mandy (yes, THE Mandy) and her brother Matthew today. What great kids! They made having 6 kids here SO easy. And, since my boys love Mandy so much, they found ways to entertain her all day long.

I felt horrible, though, because not two minutes after they arrived, the kids decided they wanted to play outside. We get out into the grass, and Matthew gets stung by a bee. OMG. I could have died. I made sure he was fine, got some ice for him, and called his mom to make sure he wasn’t allergic. (He wasn’t, thank goodness!) I was worried that it ruined his whole day and that he would NEVER want to come back to Ms. Angie’s house, but he was fine the rest of the day, and his mom said he had fun. (I really hope he did. I still feel just awful. What were the odds?!)

Since Matthew got stung, we decided to have a movie day. The kids watched one movie, we had lunch, and the rest of the time, the boys either had every single board game we own out, or they were playing with Mandy in their room. They had SUCH a ball today. I can’t even begin to describe how much it meant to them to have Mandy and Matthew here!

So, I survived the day with 6 kids. Maybe I’ll be ok once this baby arrives. And maybe then I can talk hubby into adopting one more down the road! 😉

Edited to add: Please continue to pray for Brother Tim. I spoke with him a moment this evening before handing the phone to Gene. He sounds good, and says he’s feeling pretty well, and that he goes for his hear cath tomorrow. We would all really appreciate your prayers for him.

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    SissyMerks says:

    You will be just fine once the baby arrives.
    Sounds like quite a day. Sorry about Matthew getting stung by the bee. I know that put a damper on things but it sounds like you were able to recover the day. I bet the kids had a great time watching movies and playing games.

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