My Life… A Chronicle of the Journey (Baby Journal Review)

I was recently introduced to Jennifer, the mom behind the baby journal, My Life… A Chronicle of the Journey. She asked if I would be willing to try out her baby journal and give you all my thoughts. I gladly agreed. And I can’t wait to tell you all about this wonderful book.

About My Life… A Chronicle of the Journey
My Life… A Chronicle of the Journey gives parents the ability to document nearly every important milestone and event that occurs from before your child is born through the day she enters kindergarten.

Each My Life baby journal comes with a special bookmark and pen. Also included are the author’s 7 Easy Tips for Journaling which will guide you in recording your child’s life story.

My Review of My Life… A Chronicle of the Journey
I was so excited to receive this baby journal. I’ve been searching for a baby book for Parker, but there just weren’t any that I was really crazy about. I’ve been so good about keeping baby books for all of the other kids, but I couldn’t seem to find “the” baby journal for Parker.

The moment the book arrived, I got all giddy. I opened the box (which was beautifully packaged!), and pulled the book out. Inside was a pen and a bookmark. I am one of those anally retentive people, and I must use the same color pen when I write in any kind of book. I’ve been like this since I started my first diary many, many moons ago. The pen was great, and because the book is spiral bound, I could clip the pen in the binding. Now I always know where it is, and I can always use the same pen to write in his journal.

And I have to comment on the spiral binding, because that is awesome. The book will stay open no matter what, and I don’t have to fight with trying to write near the binding. This feature is absolutely ingenious!

Before I got to writing in the journal, I flipped through to see what the book had to offer. It was fantastic! I love to write, and there were so many places for me to write… and write! Parker will one day know more details about his birth than he may ever have wanted to!

Another feature about the book that I love is that in several places throughout the book, there are spots for family members and friends to write little messages for the baby. I love that! What a great way to get the family’s thoughts down on paper. Time goes by too quickly, and our family members won’t always be with us. Years from now, Parker will be able to look back and read just how much his Granny and Pa loved him.

As soon as I got the kids to bed, I poured myself a glass of sweet tea and got to work. I wrote and wrote and wrote until the wee hours of the morning. I couldn’t put the book down. As I started writing, memories came flooding back. Memories of all that I went through with this pregnancy, and how we weren’t sure if I was going to survive the 24 hours after Parker’s birth. And memories of how God kept His hand on the entire situation.

I’m planning on taking the My Life baby journal back to Ohio with me later this month. There are several pages for information about the extended family, and I’ll really enjoy sitting down with everyone and asking them what their favorite movies, songs, and books are. Who knows? I may just learn a little something through all of this. And one day, I’ll be able to share it all with Parker.

The only thing I wish the journal had was a pocket to hold important documents and papers. But I’m crafty enough that I’ll just make my own. Other than that, the journal is everything I have ever wanted in a baby book for my children, and it will make a treasured keepsake for Parker, I’m sure.

The baby journal goes all the way from birth to 5 years old, with just enough space to highlight each year. This book would make the perfect gift for any mom-to-be, new mom, or seasoned mom who want to pass on a hand-written book of love to her child.

To purchase the My Life… A Chronicle of the Journey, visit the website at and click on Shop.

Thank you to Jennifer Covello, the author and creator of the My Life baby journal, for sending me a copy of the journal to get my honest opinion.

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