My New Favorite "Toddler Tool"

I’ve done much of my Christmas shopping on this year, thanks to some gift cards that I have received and won over the past few months.

After I added the “My Little Pony So Soft Starsong” to my cart for Lucy, I didn’t have much money left, but had enough to get something little. I decided to click on the “Lightning Deals” to see if there was anything interesting. One of the items in the spotlight was the Mobi TykeLight Portable GloMate.

The thing reminds me of “Pictionary Man” from the new Pictionary game. It was only $14.99, so I figured I didn’t have too much to lose. Plus, it would spend the remainder of the gift cards I had left, to the penny. So, I thought I’d see how this thing worked, and if it would help Parker with his difficult transition to his crib.

When the package arrived, I quickly hid “Starsong,” but I coudn’t wait to play with the TykeLight. The kids couldn’t wait either. We placed the little guy on the charger, and waited a few hours to see what would happen. After waiting over 24 (grueling) hours, the charge light never turned green like it was supposed to. But, I decided to give it a try any way and see how Parker would handle it.

Oh.My.Gosh. You would think this little nightlight was filled with magic juice! The first night Parker slept with it, he didn’t make a sound the entire night. The battery lasted all night long, and in the morning, Parker was still snuggled up next to it.

The second night Parker slept with it, he discovered how to push the button on the bottom and change the colors. The only times he cried that night was when it ended up getting turned off. We’ve had this problem every night since then, but now he’s figured out that he just needs to push the button one more time and it comes back on. Thank heavens.

Another great bonus to the item is that I no longer have to leave the hall light on for the boys. The light from the TykeLight is bright enough to keep all of my boys happy, and the battery has lasted well into the morning every night we’ve used it so far. And, since the lights are LED lights, and don’t give off heat, I don’t have to worry about it hurting Parker. He sleeps most nights with it right beside him.

What I honestly can’t believe, though, is how much Parker loves this silly little thing. Every night, he’s got his TykeLight on one side of him, and his Seahorse on the other side of him. He cries for 2 minutes after being put down, and then he’s off in dreamland for the next 12 – 14 hours.

Can I promise that this TykeLight will work for you like it does for Parker? Nope. But I can promise you that this thing has worked for us, and that it has been a lifesaver for transitioning Parker into the boys’ room.

If you’re looking for a fun, unique nightlight, definitely check out the TykeLight. Hopefully it will work miracles for you, too!

Disclaimer: I was not contacted or asked to do a review on this product. I purchased it, loved it, and wanted to share it with my readers. I cannot promise the nightlight will make your baby sleep through the night, nor do I truly believe the nightlight possesses any magical powers, but it is a cool little toy that I wanted you to know about.

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    I have this on my list to get for Blaze. I thought it might help us get him to sleep in his own room. Again. We had him in there but he kept getting sick so we just put him back in bed with us. Now that he has had surgery I want him to get moved into his room.

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