My rant about the USPS and a cute item to share.

The USPS bugs me. Not only does it seem that every time I need to buy a book of stamps, the price has gone up, but they are constantly raising the price of shipping items, too! I went in with a box the other day. Expected to pay $5 – $6 to ship the box. Grand total for parcel post? $18.42. Yes, I added delivery confirmation, but that was what? 59 cents or something? If I had wanted to ship the item priority, I would have paid over $23 to send it. To send a box from GA to CA. Are you kidding me?

And that’s not my only beef with the post office. We live in a tiny little hick town. I’m pretty sure our population is less than 800 people. (My grandma will correct me if I’m wrong – it may be even lower than that!) I also think I’m related to half of our town’s population. Well, if I’m not related to them, I’m at least supposed to know them, anyway. Take our mailman. I’m either related to him, or I’m supposed to know him. Grandma can tell me which. I really don’t care. All I know is that I cannot stand the man. He’s a grump. He doesn’t like our driveway, (heck, *I* don’t like our driveway!), so he avoids it at all costs. If he can stuff our mail into our box, he does. Like, today. I got a beautiful bucket from N Style Moms as part of the baby shower. Rather than take an extra 5 minutes out of his day, and drive down our driveway, our wonderful mailman decided to shove the bucket into the mailbox, bending it all out of shape. Luckily, the bucket bent back into shape and you can barely tell what he did, but I am MAD. The lazy bum could have come down and dropped it at the door.

I will tell you, though, that when he does come down the driveway, I don’t go to the door. I send Ashley. I’m afraid that I might say something that will become the talk of the town. So, it’s best if I just blog about it instead. 😉 I don’t think half our population knows how to use the computer. At least I hope not after this rant!

I do want to share a picture of the bucket with you. It is SUPER cute, and perfect for storing Parker’s bath stuff! I just love it! Thanks, N Style Moms!

Lucy is finally feeling better. I’m hoping we can go to church tomorrow! Thanks for all the well wishes for her!

Off to finish designing my Christmas card!

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    Lovelydaylj says:

    USPS shipping at the post office is insane! It is 75cents for delivery confirmation. But you can purchase your own shipping label online at or you can use paypal and ship your item through there, shipping confirmation is .18 cents and free with priority mail. To create a shipping label on paypal you have to go into the MultiOrder Shipping and you can create one from there. And then you can leave it for the postman to pick up even go on and have the postman come and pick it up from your house. lol 🙂
    I hope that helps you out!
    Laura 🙂

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    Do we share a postman??? They sound exactly the same. I think mine is tired that we’ve had quite a few packages delivered lately, meaning he has to walk the extra 10 feet to the door. Now he has begun to shove everything in the mailbox, whether it can fit or not.

    Glad you were able to fix the bucket, it’s really cute!

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