My Tips for Dinner in A Flash

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In order to qualify, you have to post 3 tips for getting dinner ready in a flash. As a mom of 5, who keeps a very busy schedule, I’ve learned what works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to getting dinner ready in a flash.

Here are some of my tips (Yes, I know there are 4. I couldn’t condense!) :

1. Plan your menu ahead of time. Know exactly what you’re serving on what day. I recently started taping a calendar to my fridge, and it has the entire month’s meals written out on it. It keeps me organized, I know exactly what to expect, and it makes trips to the grocery store so much easier! By knowing exactly what I’m going to serve on what night, it saves tons of time in getting dinner ready. No standing around, looking in the cupboards, trying to decide what on earth we’re going to eat for dinner.

2. Whenever possible, make & freeze your meals ahead of time. Because I have such a large family, there are many times that I’ll make a double batch of whatever I’m already making, and freeze the second batch to serve later in the month. All I do is pull the casserole out of the freezer, pop it in the oven, and get everything else ready for dinner. The hard part is already done, and clean-up during the “freezer batch” is so much better. 🙂 This tip takes a little longer the first week, but you’ll reap the benefits the second week!

3. Use Your Crockpot. I love mine. We have a huge crockpot, and I use it at least 3 times a week. It’s great for roast, pork chops, chili, soups. It doesn’t matter what it is! You put it in when it’s morning, and by dinner time, your whole house smells amazing. The crockpot really is my secret weapon for getting dinner on the table fast. I’m all about the “fix it and forget it” type meals, and love the ease and convenience of having dinner cook itself all day.

4. Leftovers don’t have to be a bad thing! Get creative with your leftovers! If we have roast and mashed potatoes one night, and we have roast left over, I’ll shred the roast and mix it in with noodles the next night. I even have a bowl in my fridge that I use just to put leftover veggies in. After a few days of collecting veggies, (like corn, green beans, peas, carrots, etc.), I’ll put them in the crockpot with some broth and add some meat. We get some really yummy vegetable stews this way, and it’s a creative way to keep leftovers from getting boring!

So, there you have it. Those are just a few of my tips for getting dinner on the table in a flash.

I’m totally running late with my entry, though, so if you want to enter, you have to hurry! Your post must be up by 11:59 tonight! Click here to enter. And if you do enter, leave a link here to your post! I’d love to read your tips for getting dinner ready fast.

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