Never Fear, SafeEggs are Here!

The holidays are here. And if your house is anything like my house, that means you’re about to start making batches and batches of cookies. And what’s the best part about making cookies? Why it’s the dough, of course. I simply can’t resist the taste of raw cookie dough. BUT, it’s not the healthiest snacking choice. Whenever raw eggs are consumed, there’s always a good chance of getting sick from salmonella. All those Christmases that I spent pregnant or breastfeeding, forcing myself to refrain from the cookie dough was tough!

Now, pregnant women can rejoice!! Thanks to SafeEggs, you can safely consume all the cookie dough you want. And Moms, you don’t have to worry if your kids end up eating more of the cookie dough than you end up with on the cookie sheet. Safest Choice Eggs are a great alternative to regular eggs. They’re pasteurized, (kind of like milk), to ensure that they are safer than your average egg. These “Safe Eggs” have all of the same nutritional value, look the same, and definitely taste the same – but, there’s one big difference. These eggs are much safer to eat!

Have picky eaters? Well, have no fear. You can still please any guest with your dishes—Safe Eggs are all-natural, kosher and vegetarian. Have your eggs over easy or sunny-side up, raw in sauces and Caesar salads, lightly cooked in custards and desserts. It doesn’t matter! By choosing Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs, you’ve made the Safest Choice!

This holiday season, stock up on Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs and enjoy that cookie dough and eggnog. You’ll thank me later. 🙂

Not sure where to find SafeEggs? Click here for locations.

Also, become a fan of SafeEggs of Facebook, and you’ll get a $1 coupon on your purchase of 1 dozen Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs. Be sure to follow SafeEggs on twitter for the latest scoop!

And if you’re really good in the kitchen, be sure to enter the SafeEggs Holiday Recipe Contest. The prizes are amazing! Here’s what their website says:

  • 1st Place: From food safety to home safety!  One lucky winner will receive a state-of-the art home security system with installation.  (Package value up to $1,000.) 
  • 2nd Place: Bake safe, eat safe!  Three winners will receive a set of high-end, safety cookware, such as pads, racks, spoons, kitchen aid mixers with guards, etc. (Package value up to $500/ea. = $1,500 total.) 
  • 3rd Place: Keep the kids safe even if you are busy in the kitchen!  5 lucky winners will receive a cell phone for the children with up to a year of free service. (Package value up to $200 ea. = $ 1,000 total.)

This year you can really enjoy your holiday cooking in a whole new way thanks to SafeEggs!

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this post. These opinions are strictly my own after visiting the SafeEggs website at the request of a representative from SafeEggs. Others may have different opinions or results from using this product.

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