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I am very, very picky about what movies my children can and cannot watch. Unless it’s rated G, or a Christian film, my husband and I will watch a movie before we allow our children to see it. My husband and I rarely go to the movies anymore because you never know what you’re going to see on the screen.

I need to know exactly what’s in the film before I put it in front of my kids eyes. Do you know how time consuming this can be? Or how many movies I’ve wasted money on because I won’t allow my kids to watch it? It’s ridiculous.

So, when Family Values Cinema contacted me and asked if we could work together, I was thrilled!

If you don’t know what Family Values Cinema is, here’s part of their story:

“With our family fun movie night package there is no more wasting time in the video store or surfing for reviews on the internet. We preview thousands of films with the help of the National Board of Mothers (concerned moms just like you and me who volunteer their time for the reviews), and pick each one with your family in mind.”  (Click here to learn about how it works)

Basically, they are a family friendly movie of the month club. You select a plan, and each month you get one (or two – depending on your plan) mom reviewed, mom approved family friendly movie(s) and a discussion guide to enjoy with your family and get your kids talking. Instead of sending the movies back, you get to keep them – forever! Plus, there’s absolutely no obligation and you can cancel at any time. With plans starting at just $9.95 a month, there’s no reason not to give it a try!

If you still need more convincing, though, right now they are offering a free trial – you just pay $1.95 in shipping. What a deal! Here’s what you get with their holiday special:

  • Two Mom Approved Movies
  • Two Family Discussion Guides
  • Two Interactive Family Activities
  • Two Movie Inspired Recipes

So, what are you waiting for? Head to Family Values Cinema and sign up for your free trial today. There’s nothing to lose, and a whole lot of family time to gain!

Also, every Friday, I will be putting up a post on behalf of Family Values Cinema Entertainment. It will bring you that week’s picks for family-friendly entertainment. My goal is to help my readers (as well as my own family) get together once a week for Family Night. The first post should go live tomorrow, so be sure to watch for it!

I hope you’ll consider joining Family Values Cinema.

Disclaimer: I was contacted on behalf of Family Values Cinema and am now partnering with them to bring my readers the latest in family-friendly entertainment. I am not being compensated for this post. However, as part of our partnership, I may receive a small percentage of any membership purchased.

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