No belly picture yet.

I had hubby shoot a quick pic before we left for church this morning. I thought I’d be safe, since my hair and makeup was done and I was dressed nicely.

I got home, uploaded the pic, and burst into tears. I LOOK AWFUL. Oh my gosh. I just can’t get over it. With all of this swelling, I look like I’ve gained about 150 pounds on top of what I already was. My face is swollen, my arms and hands are swollen – everything is swollen.

So, he’ll either be retaking the photo, or we’ll be skipping the 34 week belly pic. I hate that I don’t have near as many photographs with this pregnancy, but I just look so awful that I can’t stand it. Is that selfish? Probably…. Great. Something else to feel guilty over.

I’ll show the pic to hubby when he gets up and see what he thinks. It’s really, really bad, though.

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    3 Kids and Us says:

    Oh hun, I just don’t believe you can look that bad, pregnancy is beautiful on just about every woman. Don’t be shy…but then who am I to talk, I always crop my ugly face out of my belly pics. ha!

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    KentuckyGal says:

    About a year after our first child was born, I was looking through some pictures and saw this one with a big, bright THING in the middle of it and I was like, “What is THAT?” After looking at it for a while, I recognized the large shapless MASS as my leg, up in “the” stirrup. I swelled up during the delivery because of my blood pressure. Take care of yourself!

  3. 3

    I bet you look a lot cuter than you think.

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