Not much going on around here…

Well, not pregnancy wise, anyway. LOTS going on, just nothing on the pregnancy front. Parker is moving… almost constantly now, but he’s still not to the point where Gene or the kids can feel him on the outside. I’m looking forward to that day, and hope it won’t be much longer.

My next doctors appointment is on Wednesday the 25th, so just one more week. I’ll be almost 22 weeks at that point, and almost time to start using the kicktrak kick counter. Finally!

Yesterday, I had to take Zander in for his yearly well visit. The doctor knows us well (from Lucy’s stay in the hospital), so she knows we have a large family. She asked Zander who lives in our house with him, and he told her, “Mommy, Daddy, Lulu, Ashley, Jace, and Parker.” She asked who Parker was, and Zander beamed with pride and said, “It’s the baby in Mommy’s belly! He lives in our house, he just stays in Mommy’s belly all the time. Just like I did when I was a baby.” I thought it was really sweet of him to think of the baby as already living with us. He’s really looking forward to having another little brother.

In other news, I’ll be getting Lucy’s costume repaired!!! I got an email from the original creator, and she said to send it back to her and she’d fix it, or make a new one if need be. I am SO glad. I’ll have to wait awhile, as she’s in the process of building a house/moving, but knowing that I will get it back and it WILL be fixed, makes me feel so much better.

So, slowly but surely, things are getting better around here. I’m still sad that I can’t get back to Ohio, but I’ve come to accept it as God’s will. And, I’m praying for an answer from Him in another area as well. Just trying to remember that He is faithful and bears our burdens when we can’t.

Hopefully I will have more exciting things to post soon, but as for now, I’m enjoying this being a nice, calm, uneventful pregnancy.

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    SissyMerks says:

    I like the name Parker. It’s okay to have a little non excitement every now and then. I am glad you are getting the costume fixed. I know how important it was to you.

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    Lori- Jewllori says:

    I am also feeling my little one kick, but I can’t wait until Ross(my two year old) can feel it too! That will be exciting for him. Next week is my 21 week ultrasound! We are hoping to see what we are having!!

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