Not-So-Wordless Wednesday:

Two Princesses

I took Lucy and Ashley to see Beauty & the Beast on Saturday night. Lucy was mesmerized by the entire show, and didn’t make a sound… until the part where Gaston sets off to kill the Beast. She started yelling, “Don’t kill the Beast! He’s nice now! You can’t kill him!” It took me forever to assure her that everything would be ok, and things did not go well when it appeared that the Beast had died. Lucy burst into tears at that point. But then, the Beast changed into a man, and all was right in Lucy’s world again.

After the show, Lucy got to meet Belle. As we were standing in line, she told me, “Mom, I’ve waited my whole life to meet Belle.” It made her day to sit on Belle’s lap and talk about the show.

What a fun night. Definitely one I’ll never forget.

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  1. 1
    Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom says:

    Awww poor little thing – worried about the beast
    : ( I know that just broke your heart when she cried.

    I used to cry over Lassie as a kid. Especially when the show ended. My mom said I would cry, "Lassie – come backkkkkkkk" LOL. Needless to say, she dreaded when Lassie came on each week.

  2. 2
    lfhpueblo says:

    So precious when kids are still small enough not to understand pretend from reality.

  3. 3
    Terra H. says:

    Sounds like she had a wonderful time and it will be an event she will likely not forget.

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