November 3rd

Because this happened after midnight this morning, I’m blogging it for today’s entry.

Ashley and Lucy had been watching a movie in my room, and they both fell asleep. I let them stay in there for awhile while I continued to work at the computer.

About 12:30am, I went in there, took Lucy to her bed, and then came back to wake Ashley up. I shook her, and told her to “turn off the movie, and go to bed.” She got up and just stood there. I nudged her again, and I told her to turn off the movie and go to bed. I went back out to the computer, and still heard the movie playing. I turned around and Ashley was at the foot of my bed. I asked her what she was doing, and she told me, “I’m picking up all the pieces of cereal.” Ummm…. honey, there’s no cereal on my bedroom floor. So, I told her to turn off the movie and go to bed. When she still hadn’t come out of my room a few minutes later, I went back in there to find her lying on my bed, sound asleep. I shook her, and told her AGAIN to turn off the movie and go to bed. She proceeded to follow me out of my room. I again told her to turn off the movie and THEN go to bed.

This whole ordeal took over 20 minutes. When the girl is asleep, she is asleep. I’d hate to see this girl drunk, especially if she’s this dense when she’s sleeping. It was hysterical, though. Now I know not to let her fall asleep in my room anymore! I may never get her out next time!

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    Wow, she is a heavy sleeper.

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