On My Way to San Jose!

Ok, not really. But “On My Way to Atlanta” just doesn’t have the same fun ring to it. 🙂

In just a little bit, I will be heading down to Atlanta and will be taping a segment with Atlanta’s TV 57 for their “Friends and Neighbors” program. The topic I’ll be discussing is mamapedia.com – a very cool website for moms. I’m so excited! This is such a cool opportunity!

I’ll be gone most of the day, as Atlanta is a good 3+ hour drive, but I will check in when I get home and let you know how the interview went and when Atlanta area viewers can watch the broadcast. In the meantime, say a little prayer for me. I am super excited, but I am super nervous!

Hope y’all have a great day!

Angie Vinez (2893 Posts)

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    Please tell me that it didn't take you 3+ hours to get to Atlanta? It should have only take 2 and at most 2.5! Unless you have to get into rush hour, then it can take ALL day.

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