One of My Toughest Days as a Mom

I’ve mentioned in the past that Gage has been dealing with seizures. Well, this past week, things spiraled out of control. Saturday was officially one of the toughest days I have ever faced as a mom.

It was supposed to be a great day, and it really started out that way. I went out to breakfast with a good friend from church, took an early afternoon nap, and then set out for our church’s Easter Egg Hunt at the home of one of our members.

When we arrived at the Egg Hunt, the kids were in heaven. The land these members own is amazing! They have a park, a pavilion, and even a kitchen outside – perfect for large gatherings like this. It was awesome. The kids all had a blast playing on all of the equipment, hunting Easter eggs, and just having fun.

Carly swinging

We finally sat down to dinner, and Gage sat across the table from me with my best friend, and I fed Carly. Hubby had been sitting with me, but he got up to run to the van and get the stroller for Carly. All of a sudden, I hear Steph say, “Angie.” I turn and look, and Gage is having a seizure in her arms. His mouth was full of food, so I quickly fought to clear his airway. I got it clear, and the seizure ended after about 3 minutes. By this time, hubby was back, and HE was who Gage wanted. Gene held him, and it took about 45 minutes for Gage to fully wake up and get back to his old self. Once he did, though, he seemed fine. He was playing, running around, and acting like nothing had even happened.

I did my best to keep my composure while we were still at their house, but inside, I was an absolute mess. When we got in the car to leave, I broke down, and I couldn’t stop.

That night, the kids were all to go to my best friend’s house and spend the night. As hard as it was to let Gage go, I didn’t want to “punish” him. The seizures aren’t his fault, and I knew that if anyone was going to take good care of Gage, it would be Steph. She loves him almost as much as I do. So, we left him with her and headed home.

I spent the next several hours crying uncontrollably. My poor husband tried everything to calm me down and reassure me. Nothing worked. I was an absolute mess. I have no idea why this seizure affected me the way it did. Maybe it’s because Gage wasn’t with me that night after it happened. If I had been able to hold him, maybe I would have been better.

I kept in close contact with Ash (my oldest daughter) and Steph. Checking in on Gage constantly. They both continued to assure me that he was just fine. He was having a blast playing with everything, and I didn’t need to worry.

And then, it happened.

At 10:30pm, my phone rang. It was Ashley. Gage was having another seizure.

Gene and I jumped in the car and flew to their house. (Thank God they only live 2 minutes up the road.) By the time we got there, he was already out of the seizure, and just sleepy.

But, that was it. Two seizures in one day is NOT normal. It was time for someone to listen to me. I called our pediatrician’s after-hours line and asked that I get a call back from the doctor on call.

I ended up talking to our pediatrician’s partner. She said that we needed to get Gage to a children’s ER as quickly as possible, because our local ERs won’t touch a child. Because of where we live, we have two options, and both are 2+ hours away: Scottish Rite in Atlanta, or TC Thompson in Chattanooga. Because it was 11 o’clock at night, and there was a chance Gage could have another seizure in the car, we opted to go to Scottish Rite. A 4-lane highway sounded way better to me than trying to drive over a mountain. And, honestly? With the experiences I’ve had with both hospitals, I prefer Scottish Rite over TC Thompson any day. (Both hospitals are fine, I’ve just had better experiences with SR.)

2 seizures in one dayWe arrived at the hospital shortly after 1am, and it was only minutes before they had us through triage and back into a room. Then, we waited for what seemed like forever to see a doctor. However, once he did come in, (around 2:30am), he was really really nice. I explained everything that was going on and told him that I was tired of feeling like no one cared about getting us answers. He assured us that HE cared and he would get us on the right path.

Around 3am, he wanted us to wake up Gage and get him fully awake. He needed to make sure Gage’s brain was functioning normally after the two seizures. We woke Gage up, and after a full exam, he was declared just fine… no obvious side effects from the seizures. (Praise God!)

After talking to the on-call neurologist, they started Gage on an anti-seizure medicine. (Praise God again!!) He will now take this twice daily. The neurologist also wants Gage to have an MRI of his brain, (in which case he will need to be sedated), as well as another EEG at Scottish Rite so they can look for some other things that TC Thompson didn’t look for in the first EEG. He also gave me a direct line to a neurologist’s office at Scottish Rite and told me to make an appointment with them. Because he was seen in the ER, they will now be able to get him in much sooner than our already scheduled appointment on June 23. He said it could take up to a month, but he said it could be as little as a week before they get him in. At this point, anything is better than June 23.

They sent us home, and honestly, I felt so much better. For the first time, it felt like someone actually cared and actually wanted to help us get some answers.

While Saturday may have been one of the absolute toughest days I have ever faced, it also ended up being the day before I finally got some help with Gage. Maybe now we can get him on track to healing… or at least to the point where I won’t be afraid to let him out of my sight.

As of this morning, I have called the neurologists’ office, and they can see him on April 30th. We have to see a nurse practitioner, but that’s just so we can become an established patient and get in with a doctor sooner. As of right now, the waiting list is 14 – 16 weeks for a new patient to see a doctor. This will help us bypass the waiting list, and get us answers that much sooner.

I am still waiting to hear from his pediatrician. I sent her several messages over the weekend and let her know everything that was going on, and that I would need her to call about the MRI and the EEG. I am praying she does this quickly. If she doesn’t, I’ll be forced to find a new doctor that will be able to help us.

The medicine they have Gage on makes him very hyper. Add that to the fact that he’s 3 years old, and I’m already exhausted. I’m hoping his little body can adjust to the medicine quickly and the meds actually do their job and prevent seizures.

And until we get some real answers, I will keep leaning on this verse:
trust in him

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    Sending prayers to you and your family! I soooo know what you are going through. Those brief minutes when your child is having a seizure feel like an eternity and you feel absolutely helpless. And scared. I’ll be praying that the tests come out normal and the medication is able to control the seizures. We are about to try and wean our son, Zachary, off of his seizure med one last time. He is 13 and has been seizure free for three years (thankfully he is easily controlled on medicine). But, I’m terrified of what might happen when we attempt to stop the medication.
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