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On Sunday night, our church had their Christmas program. My 4 oldest kids each had a part in the program. Ashley, Zander, Jace, and Lucy all had speaking parts, and Lucy sang a solo toward the end of the program. I was so proud of each of them. They all did such a great job! They spoke their lines perfectly, and Lucy almost came in on time. (Not bad for a 4 year old!)

If you’d like to see the entire program, I’ve uploaded it to facebook. You can find it here: Revival Baptist Christmas Program 2010 I’m not sure if you have to add me as a friend to view it or not. I’ve tried to set it up so you can just watch it. If you try to watch and can’t, let me know.

Since the full length video is almost 20 minutes long, I’ll just give you a little taste and let you enjoy Lucy singing her song:

Direct Link

Hope you enjoyed that! See why I’m so proud? Oh, and yes… that’s Jace in the background swinging his arms and playing with his crown. He couldn’t let Lucy have *all* the attention.

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