One uneventful day…..

Is that really too much to ask for?

Last night, Zander was complaining of a sore throat. Jace was still miserable from Tuesday’s shots, so I kept both the boys and Lucy home from church. (We were supposed to attend a revival that was being held outdoors. With it getting so chilly after the sun goes down, I thought it best to keep them home.)

Well, this morning, Zander woke up and was feeling much better. Thank heavens. Jace was still grouchy from his shots, but he’s been grouchy since he turned 4. About 11:45, he started complaining that his arm was really bothering him. I looked at his arm and it was bright red, swollen, hard as a rock, and hot as fire. The doctor’s office is closed for lunch from 11:40 – 2pm (ridiculous, right?), so I gave him some Motrin and waited until 2 to call. They asked me if I could bring him in. Sure. Let me jump on that with 2 little boys running around in their underwear, a little girl stripped down to her diaper, and an 11 year old trying to work on school work. But, we got it in gear, and we were at the doctor’s office by 2:20. We sat and waited until they could squeeze us in, and we finally get back to see the doctor.

What do we hear when we see the doctor? “Oh. This is a very normal reaction in some kids when they get their DTaP shot.” So, I rushed over there for something they could have told me over the phone? SERIOUSLY?

I was told to put an ice pack on it, and force him to use his arm as much as possible. Getting him to use his arm isn’t a problem. The kid broke his arm last summer and used it like it was just fine. Getting him to sit still and put an ice pack on it? So not going to happen.

The motrin seems to be helping him. I think I’ll stick with that and PRAY that the effect of these shots wears off soon. Very soon.

One day. Just one day of calm and nothing to do. Is that possible?

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    Jewllori by Lori says:

    Aww.. I just hate when they react to shots, and then you find out you could have dealt with whatever the reaction was at home!!! I got a good book about immunizations and kids called ” How to Raise a healthy child in spite of your doctor”. You should look it up on Amazon if you have some time(pffft :)) but seriously, it tells you what you can do when kids get colds, fevers, react to immunizations etc. It’s a handy dandy lil book!!

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    Poor Jace. I hope his arm feels better today. I know you have your hands full with all of those youngins. I think you must be a superwoman. I think even superwoman needs a break though. I hope you find some me time soon.

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