One Year Ago Today…

I went into the doctor’s office for my almost 37 week prenatal visit. They discovered protein in my urine, and my blood pressure was slightly elevated. The doctor decided to do a 24 hour urine catch to see if this was something we needed to be concerned about.

That evening, I started feeling awful. I hadn’t gone to the bathroom much at all, and that was rare for me as a great big pregnant woman. And the swelling – oh my gosh! It was awful! I called Labor & Delivery, and they said to come in and just get checked out.

We got to the hospital, and the nurse seemed frustrated. She told me that she had tried calling me a few minutes before and tell me not to come in. I just needed to drink more fluids and rest. She decided that since I was there, she’d take my blood pressure and my vitals, and then we’d be on our merry way.

She took my blood pressure: 169/116. She swore that something was wrong with the machine. She took it again. 170/116. Half an hour later, she took it again, and it was 202/124. Practically stroke level.

They decided that it was time to call the doctor and find out what to do with me. I was 2 days away from being 37 weeks, and in GA, a baby born before 37 weeks is considered premature. The doctors try to do everything in their power to keep the delivery from happening before 37 weeks. The doctor told me that I wasn’t going anywhere, and that I would be induced on Friday (it was Wednesday when I went in).

I was furious – and scared to death. My blood pressure was through the roof. I was so swollen I could hardly move. This wasn’t just a pregnant woman feeling uncomfortable. There was something seriously wrong.

That night, I cried more than I have ever cried. I was terrified that something was going to happen and things were going to go horribly wrong. Little did I know that I was right, but things wouldn’t really go south until after the baby was born.

I had developed pre-eclampsia. The signs had been there for awhile, but my doctor shrugged it off as a fifth pregnancy and I was just uncomfortable. She never even considered pre-eclampsia, because that is generally a first-time mom condition. A mom in her 5th pregnancy isn’t supposed to develop it. It just doesn’t happen.

According to my doctor, anyway. But it DID happen, and I almost died from it. On Saturday, Parker’s birthday, I’ll share my birthstory with you.

I share this story to tell the moms out there this: YOU know your body. If your doctor will not listen to you, find a doctor that will. There is a difference between being a “complainer” and being scared. I was honestly afraid for my life, and my doctor shrugged it off. Don’t ever be afraid to get a second opinion.

I can hardly believe it’s been a year since Parker’s birth story started to unfold. Time just flies by too quickly, and now my sweet little baby is a blossoming toddler.

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  1. I remember this – we were all praying for you! Glad you're still around, because we would miss you so much…