One year ago today…

We were driving down to Georgia from Ohio. What a trip that was. We were supposed to leave on the 23rd, but we had too much stuff to fit in the rental truck. We left a ton of stuff in our garage of our house in Ohio. (Which ended up getting broken into and stolen recently. I’m still not over this.)

Once we finally got on the road, we had 2 vehicles: the rental truck and our Honda Odyssey – both of which were packed to the gills. Gene, MIL, and her dog rode in the truck, and I had all of the kids with me in the van. Talk about a LONG drive.

We got about half an hour from MIL’s apartment, and the rental truck broke down!!!! We waited for almost 5 hours for a tow truck to come. That was SO much fun with 4 kids – one of which was barely over a year old.

The tow truck hooked the truck up to his, and towed us to MIL’s apartment. We unloaded her stuff from the truck, and then he towed us another half an hour to our house. It was CRAZY trying to get the tow truck pulling the truck down our driveway. (Our driveway is about 1/2 a mile long, and about wide enough for our Expedition to fit through. It’s got tons of trees along both sides.

He finally got the truck down into our driveway, unhooked it and left. Since it was almost midnight by this time, we unloaded just what we would need to get through the night, and that was it.

It’s so hard to believe that it’s already been a year since all that happened. It’s been such a crazy year – finding out we were pregnant, Gene’s job ordeals, Lucy learning to walk, Zander starting school, I got saved, Gene turned his life over to Christ, Ashley got saved….. MAN! So much has happened.

What an amazing year it has been. We’re looking forward to many, many more years down here. And, for the record… if I EVER move again, it will be about 100 yards from where we are right now – once we can afford to build. I will never go through that again.

Here are a couple of photos of the rental truck hooked up to the tow truck.. not the best photos, as they were taken with my camera phone in the dark, but at least you know I’m not making this up! 🙂

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    Wow! That was quite a journey.

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