Only in the Mountains #10

The kids and I were out the other day, and we passed our local movie store. The sign in the window caught my eye, and I just had to snap a photo. Free Kids? At the movie store? Would you want a kid that’s been hanging out at the movie store for that long? 😉 How many parents would be utilizing this now that it’s winter break?

When you get up closer to the sign, it says nothing about it being for kids movies, it just says details inside.

I went in and asked the manager for permission to take a photo of my kids in front of the sign, but he told me I couldn’t. (Party pooper!)

Still, does this seem a little off to you?

Free Kids

Only in the mountains, I suppose.

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    Miranda says:

    lol That's too funny! 🙂 Ours says "Free Kids Movies." Talk about a funny misprint!

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