Over or Under? Do You Agree? (Giveaway – 24pk Cottonelle & $50 Walmart GC -CLOSED)

How do you roll? Over or Under? I must admit, I am pretty anal-retentive about this. If I am out somewhere and the toilet paper doesn’t roll over the roll, I will take the roll off the holder and put it back on properly. Pathetic, I know. Apparently, we all have a bit of Adrian Monk in us. Mine just happens to revolve around toilet paper. (Are you laughing yet? OMG. What my readers must think of me now!)

Well, I am pleased to announce that after months of deliberation, the votes have been tallied and the results of Cottonelle brand’s Roll Poll are in. When asked how they prefer to roll their toilet paper – over or under – 72 percent of Americans said they roll over(YAY us!)

Another among those who roll over: Tori Spelling.

The brand enlisted Tori, a firm believer in rolling over, and her husband Dean McDermott, a notorious “under,” to get the country invested in the great toilet paper debate. Because they’ve battled over toilet paper preferences in their own home for years to no avail, they vowed to put the decision to America and roll with the majority.

“I am thrilled that America has spoken and advised us to roll over,” says Tori. “I’m glad to know that others are as passionate about this as I am. Rest assured that my loving husband will have the honor of flipping all the under-facing rolls in the house this weekend!”

A perplexed Dean admits, “I’ve always rolled under. I can’t believe only 28 percent of us see eye to eye on this. But if nothing else, this experience has helped me realize that no matter which way I’m inclined to roll, Tori’s way is (almost) always the right way!”

To celebrate the end of the great debate and the fact that the country has rallied around a typically taboo subject, Cottonelle toilet paper is introducing an improved product fondly named Cottonelle brand Roll Over. No matter how you roll it, it was designed to roll with America’s preference for softness and strength.

What Does Rolling Over Say About Americans?
The vote to roll over says more about Americans than just their toilet paper placement style. To gain insight into how America rolls and why, the brand commissioned a survey of 1,000 Americans ages 18-65+ and found that:

  • Those who prefer hanging their toilet paper over are more likely to have engaged in flipping the direction of the roll at a friend’s home, with 27 percent of “overs” admitting to doing so. (Oh! That’s me! That’s me!)
  • In addition to being more apt to switch the way the roll hangs at friends’ homes, those who prefer to roll over seem to be more particular about the whole subject. For instance:
    • “Overs” are most likely to notice the direction the toilet paper is hanging (74 percent). (Yep. Every time.)
    •  “Overs” are more likely to be annoyed when the roll is the wrong way (24 percent). (Ok, so that’s totally me too. Oy.)

Cottonelle brand consulted Dr. Gilda Carle, psychotherapist and internationally renowned relationship expert, for her observations on basic character traits associated with how people roll. According to Dr. Gilda, “People who roll over like taking charge, crave organization and are likely to overachieve. It seems to me that Americans are passionate about rolling over due to the sense of control that it gives them.”

Whichever way you roll, just about everyone agrees that the best toilet paper is soft, strong and there when you need it. To learn more about Cottonelle brand products and the great debate campaign, visit www.CottonelleRollPoll.com.

To Celebrate the Victory of the “Overs” – I am giving one lucky winner a 24 Pack of the new Cottonelle Toilet Tissue and a $50 Walmart Gift Card.

To Enter:
Visit www.CottonelleRollPoll.com and then come back here and tell me one thing you learned, or something that you found interesting.
*Mandatory. If this is not done, you cannot win.

Want Extra Entries?

  • Head to Walmart.com, then come back here and tell me what you would spend the money on for yourself. (No groceries or stuff you need. Forget about all that and tell me what YOU want.
  • Tell me: Are you happy that “over” won out? Why or Why Not?
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    Angie at 5 Vinez Monkeys has admitted that she rolls “over” and is part of the winning decision on www.CottonelleRollPoll.com. To celebrate the victory for the overs, she’s giving one lucky winner a 24 pack of the new Cottonelle brand Roll Over Bathroom Tissue and a $50 Walmart Gift Card. You won’t want to miss this fantastic giveaway. Stop by before 11:59pm ET on April 11th, get all the details, and enter to win!

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    Disclaimer: I was contacted by M80 on behalf of Cottonelle. They offered the toilet tissue and the $50 Walmart Gift Certificate for my readers. I was in no other way compensated for this post.

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  1. 1851
    guettel78 says:

    One thing I learned from the Cottonelle site is that in my state of Ohio, 85% of people voted "Over," which was my personal choice as well. I also learned that Cottonelle is using a softer, stronger formulation for their product, which is good news. Thanks for the giveaway!


  2. 1852
    guettel78 says:

    Walmart has some great deals on blu-rays, so I'd most likely surprise my family with several of their favorites, like "Iron Man" and "The Dark Knight." Thanks!


  3. 1853
    guettel78 says:

    Definitely happy that "over" won — I just think the end of the roll is so much easier to find that way!


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    I'm a facebook friend: Geoff K


  18. 1868

    I found the results if the poll interesting and that people are so passionate about the issue. Our state voted over by 86%. Oh well, I'm in the minority again. garrettsambo@aol.com

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    I'm a fan of Cottonelle on facebook: Geoff K


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  24. 1874

    I roll over, too, but was surprised to learn that 72% are over, and only 28% are under. I thought that it would be about equal. Thanks for having the contest!

  25. 1875
    Jinxy and Me says:

    I learned over won with 72%!

  26. 1876
    Jinxy and Me says:

    I'm happy that over won – – that's how I voted!

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    I'm following you both on Twitter. (My Twitter name is @ThriftyJinxy)

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  30. 1880
    mail4rosey says:

    I learned that majority of people roll in the opposite direction than I do!!!!


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    Swtlilchick says:

    I learned that most people like to roll over


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    I am a subscriber via email

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    I am a subscriber via email

  34. 1884

    I learned that over won, yay!

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    I would choose a cute dress at Walmart.

  36. 1886

    I learned that 72% prefer over. Yay!

  37. 1887

    I am happy that over won because it makes more sense than under.

  38. 1888

    I'm glad over won. It means I have fewer rolls to switch around when I'm a guest in someone's house. lol

  39. 1889

    I subscribed by email. #1

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    I subscribed by email. #2

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