Pampers "10 second diaper change"

I got an email last week from Pampers telling me to try their new “Change and Go” diapers. I thought to myself, “What a cool idea!” Since it was so cheap to buy the trial pack, I went ahead and bought one.

It arrived at my house on Saturday. I used them all day Sunday and part of Monday. I HATED them. Absolutely, positively hated everything about them. So, they extended the life of the diaper for an extra couple of hours. It wasn’t worth it. The wetness liner that you replace was really thin. Meaning, most of the moisture was still held inside the original diaper. Lucy barely even wet the liner at all. It wouldn’t push forward far enough to “catch” where she went. And when she went #2. What a NIGHTMARE!

The diapers went on like pullups. (Which I HATE and think are the worst thing to ever happen to potty training.) The only thing is, they don’t have easily rippable sides like pullups do. You’ve got to tear the suckers apart when the kids poop, and it makes it darn near impossible not to make a mess when you’re doing so.

Great idea, Pampers. But it’s got to have a LOT of improvement before I’d ever buy them again – or recommend them. Make them easy to put on, easy to take off, make the wetness liner store ALL of the moisture. Then, I’ll try them again! Of course, I’m hoping by then Lucy is potty trained and the only diapers needed are for Parker!

(By the way – Pampers did not ask me to blog about trying them, or about the diapers themselves. I did this on my own. It’s my blog, and I’m entitled to my opinion.)

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    Jewllori by Lori says:

    Hmm thanks for sharing! I did see those ads. They aren’t meant for potty trainers are they!?!? I am in the midst of potty training my son(it’s been a long hard battle). Any advice is great, so thanks for the tidbits!

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    Courtney Fisk says:

    My advise…GO Cloth! You wont regret it! 😉

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