Pamper’s Little Miracle Mission Gifts Delivered!

Remember the post I put up back at the beginning of May about Pamper’s Little Miracle Mission?

I showed you all the stuff that I purchased – 4 packs of Pamper’s Swaddler Diapers, travel wipes cases, and some fabric. I was going to make 4 moms a custom covered travel wipes case to include with their pack of diapers.

Since I *finally* finished them up and got them delivered last week, I wanted to show you how they turned out:

Pampers packages
Aren’t they cute?! I made one for a mom of a boy, one for a mom of a girl, and two gender neutral ones.

Last week, I called up my friend (who also happened to be my Labor Nurse this time around), and asked her if I could swing by and drop them off. She said yes, so I loaded up the truck and headed over. She told me later that night that they were a huge hit! Yay!

I had so much fun making these, and I really hope the new moms enjoy them.

Have you done anything special to “pay it forward” to a new mom? I’d love to hear about it!

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    Lanamae Byler says:

    That’s AWSOME! YOU GO GIRL! I paid it forward …kinda…My husband came home from his weekend job last weekend and told me a story about a woman who had a baby and when it was time to leave the hospital she left the baby there. One of the nurses knew the lady and her family so she called the grandparents before DFCS was called. So now they have this little baby girl and nothing for her. My daughter, Tami, and I went through her old baby clothes and my sons clothes that are too small and found a whole trash bag full of stuff. Clothes, sheets, baby wash and lotion, Drift stain remover, bottles, bottle liners, coupons, pretty much everything we had that I wouldn’t still have to use for my 5 month old son. It made me feel so good to be able to help someone, even if it was just a little bit!

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      What a wonderful thing to do, Lanamae! I’m sure you helped that family so much, and that they’ll never forget you for it!

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