Parker Broke His Crib!

On Friday morning, I was in no rush to get Parker out of his crib. The other kids were at school, hubby was out working in the yard, and I was doing a load of dishes. I figured if he stayed in his crib for just a few minutes, I could get the dishwasher loaded and actually get it started without Parker’s “help.”

As I was putting the final plate into the dishwasher, I heard a huge CRASH! come from the boys room. We don’t have any dressers or anything for Parker to climb out of his crib and get on, so I had no idea what could have made a noise like that.

I walk in to find Parker’s crib broken. The front piece (the drop down side), had snapped. Each side of it was still attached, but the center of it snapped right in half. Parker was sitting in his crib completely stunned.

I grabbed him and checked him over for any sign of injury. There wasn’t any. Thank God. This could have been BAD! Granted, this crib has been through 5 kids, and we knew it was time to invest in a new one, but I never in a million years expected the crib to break like that!

So, Parker is now in a toddler bed. This is the child that I had planned on leaving in the crib until he was 8, just so he couldn’t have the opportunity to get out of his bed. It’s going about as well as I expected it to. He’s in our bed every night, and will not stay in his bed for anything. If I get up 10 times a night and put him back in his bed, he’s up 11 times, and back in my room.

I’m thinking it’s time to invest in a baby gate for his bedroom door… as well as a new crib for the new baby.

Have your kids ever done anything crazy like this (ie breaking their crib because they climb like monkeys)? How did you handle the transition from crib to toddler bed? I’ve had trouble with a few of my other kids when they moved to toddler beds, but nothing like with Parker. I’d love any tips, tricks, or ideas you can give!

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    Busy Working Mama says:

    Oh dear! Good thing he was OK. I'm shopping for a twin bed for my daughter. She still fits in her converted crib/toddler bed but she insists on about 10+ stuffed animals and lovies in there with her so it is a little snug.

    Happy Tuesday!

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    Alissa S. says:

    I switched Carson to a toddler bed when he turned 2. If he got out, I kept putting him back – first I say "bed time" and put him back to bed. The next time or the time after that – say nothing. Simply lead him by the hand back to bed. I learned this from Supernanny and it worked. It may be exhausting but eventually they learn they won't win and will stay in bed. At least it worked for Carson – hope it helps.

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    Thank goodness he's ok!

    I have heard a number of things regarding the safety of drop-side cribs recently, definitely something to research as you now "get" to purchase a new one for the baby!

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    Oh wow! There's a reason to switch to a toddler bed, lol. I haven't done it yet so will be interested in seeing how it goes for you. Sorry I'm no help!

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    lfhpueblo says:

    I've heard of metal fatigue before, but wood fatigue from long time use on a crib, I haven't heard of it before.
    I mean the church nursery uses used cribs and I've never seen it happen there.
    Makes one think about how safe cribs are, how many baby's can use one, before it's used up.
    I have no suggestions for you, I'm still just a bit stunned.
    Certainly glad he was okay though.

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