Parker has a potential birthday!

The doctor asked me today how I would feel about scheduling an induction if I don’t go into labor on my own by 39 weeks. I told her it was just fine, and I was actually going to ask her about setting a date.

I really, really, REALLY wanted Parker to be born on 10/31. A Halloween baby would be so much fun! But, alas, my doctor is taking that entire weekend off. She won’t be on call or anything. So, if I want her to deliver (which I do!!), it has to be the Monday before my due date. That’s the 27th. Which is fine… it’s still close enough to Halloween to throw costume birthday parties.

She did say, though, that if I’m dilated to a 3 – 4 after 36 weeks, she’ll just go ahead and take me then. I don’t forsee that happening (as I’ve never gotten past a 2.5 on my own), but I told her that was fine, too.

She noticed that I still sound awful, so she checked me over. Sure enough, I *still* have this stupid sinus infection. She said that my throat was just as swollen as could be, and it was no wonder why I am still having a hard time breathing. She prescribed a heavy dose of the Z-pack. Let’s hope it kills this crap this time.

I also asked her about the swelling. I was extremely swollen when I went in, and I was finally able to show her my man hands and Flinstone feet. (PERFECT analogy! Thank you!!) She said that the only thing that’s going to help me is staying off my feet. Obviously, with 4 kids, that’s not going to happen, so I’m just going to have to live with the swelling for the next 7 weeks.

That’s about all to report today. I go back in 2 weeks, and hubby will start going with me to the visits.

Not much longer now!!!

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    I think a Halloween baby would be fun too. It’s too bad she had that week off. I bet you feel relieved to know it will all be over soon!

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    I stumbled upon your BLOGS (been hopping around from one to another). All are cute and fun to read!!

    Blessings on Little Bundle 5!!

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