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It’s amazing to me that Parker is now 11 months old. It just doesn’t seem real that it’s been almost a year that he’s been a part of our lives. He is such a sweet little boy, and I am so thankful that he’s a part of our family.

It’s all so bittersweet. My baby is quickly growing up and becoming his own little person. He is showing his independence more every single day. No longer does he need snuggled and loved on all day long.

Parker’s been a busy little beaver this week. On Wednesday, he got his first haircut. Here are the results:

Doesn’t he look handsome? And like such a big boy. I can’t believe the difference that little haircut made.

Another big “ta-da” is that Parker went from taking 1 or 2 steps on his own to 15 – 20 steps. He went all the way from the living room to my desk in the dining room/office. Sure, he toddled here and there. And he’d stop and catch his balance several times, but he didn’t fall. He’s officially working on keeping up with his brothers and sisters.

He’s the youngest of any of our kids to start walking. The others were all well over a year old before they even came close.

I asked hubby to take a video of Parker walking on Saturday while I ran to the store, but instead he got a hysterical video of Parker and Jace showing the reality of their relationship. I know you’re dying of curiosity, so take a peek – just ignore the ripped up art project that hubby left all over the floor. 🙂

I love how all Jace wants to do is zip up his PJ’s, but Parker feels the need to attack him… then love him… then attack him some more.

Ok, enough of my mama-brag for the day. Just wanted to show off my little man!

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    Wow! He is getting big quick! It's always amazing how fast they grow up….especially when they're the youngest. Loved the video! They get along like my 2 boys did, lol.

    Hope life's treating you well, Angie!

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