Parker’s First Haircut

Parker BeforeHardly seems possible that my baby is old enough to need his first haircut. But, he did. And Daddy was insistent that it happen quickly.

On Wednesday, we took Parker over to Mike’s shop and got his hair cut. Mike is family. And he’s the only person I’d trust with P’s first haircut.

Parker was not crazy about Mike coming anywhere near him. Gene went along with me to hold the video camera. After all, you want to get something like the first haircut on video if you can. At least I do. Parker’s the first baby I’ve ever had a video camera with, so I tend to go a little overboard.
Anyway… We get to Mike’s shop, and he’s finishing up with a client. After a few minutes of chit chat, we’re all ready for the big moment – Parker’s first haircut. I warned Mike that Parker wasn’t going to like it. And, I was right. Each time Mike came at him with the scissors, Parker would freak out. However, Parker *loved* it when Mike would use the squirt bottle on him. We have a similar squirt bottle at home that we use on the kitten when he jumps up on the table or somewhere that he’s not supposed to be. Parker loves getting sprayed with it, so it made sense that he loved Mike’s squirt bottle just as much.
It took a good 15 minutes for us to hold Parker AfterParker still enough to get his haircut finished up, but we did it. And I didn’t cry a bit. I almost did, but I was able to refrain. Barely.
Overall, I’m very, very happy with the results of the haircut – as is hubby. Parker’s hair is no longer hanging in his eyes, or sticking 3 feet up into the air. He went from looking like a baby to looking like a little boy, all in just a few moments.
From now on, Daddy will be in charge of cutting his hair, just like he is the older boys. But, for the first haircut, I wanted to do something special. I’m so glad we did, and I’m so glad we got it all on video. Someday I can torment Parker with this. Maybe on his first date?

How did your kids do with their first haircut? Parker’s the only one I have on video, but both of my other boys did just fine. No tears, just easy peasy haircuts. Parker’s just more like his Daddy and tends to be my difficult child. 🙂

Didn’t the cut turn out cute, though? He’s such a handsome little man!

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    Stephanie's Mommy Brain says:

    Such a cute baby!! I completely understand. My hubby is campaigning for the baby (almost 11 months) to have his first hair cut. He has a little more than Parker did. I flat out refuse. Until they are over a year old. Period, end of discussion. Especially since Sam may very well be my last. I know how in a few moments they go from looking like a baby to looking like a little boy. He's already walking (!!!) so I don't need to add a haircut to the mix. 🙂 When it does happen, I think I will probably cry.

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