Parker’s Infant Milestones

I was told that I haven’t updated ya’all on Parker much lately. So, I thought I’d take today and tell you about some of the infant milestones my 7 month old has hit recently.

Parker is officially sitting up all by himself now…. Well, for the most part. Every once in awhile, he’ll take a nose dive into the carpet. He never, ever falls backwards. It’s almost like he has a weight in the front of his skull that causes him to go forward. He love sitting up, though, so we spend lots of time sitting on the floor playing.

Another infant milestone he’s hit is that he has learned how to clap. He’ll do something and the other kids will clap and cheer. Now Parker joins right in with the clapping and screaming. This makes the other kids clap and cheer even louder. I really don’t know how my husband gets any sleep around here during the day.

Last night, Gene and I were watching Wheel of Fortune. Every time the audience would clap, Parker would clap and squeal. I love how excited he gets over everything now.

Parker is also babbling all the time. Dada is his favorite word… just like every single one of my kids. I feed them, bathe them, and snuggle them, and it’s Dada that they utter first. But, I know it won’t be long until he’s talking non-stop like my other boys, so I’ll enjoy these little words for the time being.

He has also started saying “Mmmmmmm” after every bite of every meal. Luckily he doesn’t do this after nursing. But, whenever a spoon is put in his mouth, “Mmmmmmm” is the immediate response. At least he likes his peas and carrots. 🙂

And, today, Parker’s first tooth finally popped through his gum! He has been working on this tooth for months and it’s finally made it. Thank heavens.

As far as all of the other kids, they’re doing well. Ashley and Zander are finishing up the school year, and we’ll soon be holding a Kindergarten Graduation ceremony for Z. I’m looking forward to it! Jace and Lucy are….. well, Jace and Lucy. Still into (and on top of) everything in sight. My two little daredevils who are afraid of nothing.

I’m working on several design projects for clients and making quite a few tutus. (By the way, do you know that Mountain Folk have NO idea what tulle is?! I went to every florist, party store, fabric shop, and 5 & dime store in the area, and none of them had a clue what I was talking about. I wanted to avoid driving 45 minutes to Walmart, but after all the time I wasted explaining tulle to every store owner in town, I should have just driven to Walmart. – Which is exactly what I ended up doing anyway! When I win the lottery, the first thing I’m doing is building a craft store in town.)

That’s it for us! I’ve got some more reviews and giveaways coming up next week. Be sure to check back!

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    cbdkndmom says:

    If it’s any consolation, dada is developmentally the first thing a child says. It’s nothing personal, it’s all developmental.

    When are you starting Jace and Lucy in school? Z is through K already. WOW!

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