Photography Tips & Tricks: Creative Backdrops

I get asked all the time, “I can’t afford a fancy backdrop. What can I do?”

While backdrops are fabulous, (I own lots of them, and love them all), when I first started out, I couldn’t afford them. Know what I used? King sized bed sheets. Honest. They really work! I also used cloth shower curtains, large panels of fabric, and even large rolls of solid colored paper (like you would use on a bulletin board in school.)

The tip to using any kind of backdrop (fancy or not) is to make sure you pull the subject as far away from the back of the backdrop as possible. This will prevent shadows from forming behind their heads.

Windows also make excellent backdrops – or foregrounds, depending on how you want to use the light.

Outdoors it’s easier to be more creative with your backdrops. A football field, a baseball field, trees, gardens, rocks…. the possibilities go on and on.
My point is, think outside the box. So, you can’t afford a fancy backdrop. So what? Make your own creative backdrop using any kind of fabric. There are no limits when you use your creative juices!

Oh, and backdrops aren’t necessarily as expensive as you might think! You can find them very reasonably priced on ebay. Walmart sells Muslin material at a very reasonable price! If you’re really feeling creative, you can dye it any color you’d like!

Here are some of my favorite places for purchasing backdrops:
Say Cheese
Owen’s Originals
Backdrop Outlet

Now, get creative, and start shooting! Be sure to let me know how it works for you!

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    Great tips. Thanks for sharing.

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    Enjoyed your tips!

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    A little piece of 7th heaven says:

    great tips..once again..
    and I have to say I have made my own backdrops as well…I used a solid colored tablecloth:)
    everyone thought the pics were professional..It is amazing what a backdrop will do.
    Hope to see more tips:)

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    Cat @ 3 Kids and Us says:

    Love those tips, definitely keep them coming.

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    Exceptionally interesting critique
    Caleb Bailey recently posted..Caleb Bailey

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