Photography Tips & Tricks: Zoom WAY in.

I will never forget one viewing session I had with a client. She had her MIL come over so that she could select the portraits she wanted and they wouldn’t have to do a second viewing session.

They ooohed and aahed over the pictures. And then they came to one where I had zoomed way in on the little boy’s face. The MIL immediately became furious. “You cut off the top of his head! This photo would have been perfect if his whole head had been in it.”

I tried to explain that photography is art and that not all of my photos are the standard “school-type” pictures. She didn’t understand, but thank heavens the mom did, and she *loved* the super-close ups.

Personally, the super close-ups are some of my favorites. You can catch everything – down to the crumb from the chocolate chip cookie they had 4 hours ago. 🙂 However, zooming in that close really makes their eyes just pop.

Don’t be afraid to zoom way in. You may like what you see!

Now, go try it for yourself. Post your results and leave a link so that I can come see!

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    The Stevens Family says:

    You are the most amazingly talented photographer. I LOVE seeing your pictures! I enjoy the tips and tricks, and love looking through my pics to see what treasures I’ve overlooked. My current “This Week’s Candid Memories” post includes some close-ups from the early days of Joshua. Thanks for the ideas!

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