Playing Catch-up after Vacation….

We had a wonderful time in Georgia, and the kids certainly kept the laughs coming! Here are a few of the funny things they said this past weekend.

January 12th
The whole way down to Georgia, every time we’d ask Jace where we were going, he’d excitedly say, “To Georgia!” Once we finally crossed the state line, we told Jace we were in Georgia. He glanced around with a completely confused look on his face and asked, “Where is it?!”

January 13th

Part One
Zander and Jace were playing hide and go seek in the hotel room. Here’s how the game went:
Zander: “Jace. You hide here, and I’ll be the counter.”
Jace: “OK.”
Zander: “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Ready or not, here I come.”
(After he counted, he pretended to look all over the room for Jace, pretending like he didn’t have a clue where to find him.)
He finally goes back to the designated hiding spot and says, “I found ya, Jace! Now, I’ll hide here and you go be the counter.”

Part Two
My conversation with Jace –
Me: “Jace. We’re in a hotel. You have to be quiet! There are a lot of people that you’ll disturb if you’re noisy.”
Jace (looking around the room): “In the pictures?”

January 14th
We got back to Grandma & Grandpa’s house after lunch, and Jace took off running toward the tractor parked in the barn. Gene called for him to come back so we could go in the house. Jace got a pouty look on his face and walked back to Gene as slowly as he could. When he finally made it back to Gene, Gene asked him what took him so long. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “My runner is broke.”

January 15th

While on the road, the 3 older kids were in the backseat and Lucy was in one of the captain’s chairs with her carseat facing them. The older kids were all talking and giggling with each other, and Lucy wanted in on it. So, she starts laughing and “talking,” too. Zander laughed at her babbling and said, “She always says that!”

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