Pumpkin Recipes for Autumn Holidays (Review)

I had the opportunity to review a recipe e-book. “Pumpkin Recipes for Autumn Holidays” is complied by Tiffani Lawton. The book is dedicated to her son, Eamon, who was recently diagnosed with mild autism. The proceeds from the sale of this book will aid in the support of therapies not covered by his insurance.

You can read about Eamon’s journey here. Tiffani also states, ““Eamon is an amazingly loving and lovable little boy, who was recently diagnosed with mild autism…just at the base of the spectrum. We invite you to participate in our journey by offering informational resources and participating in our fund raisers…”

Now, on to my review!

You all know what happened with the pumpkin pie incident at my house on Thanksgiving. While I couldn’t be the one to taste any of these recipes, the rest of my family *loves* pumpkin and jumped at the chance to do a review for me.

The recipe book is filled with more than 50 recipes – all using pumpkin! I had no idea one could do so much with pumpkin!

I went through the entire e-book to find a recipe to make for my family. They wanted me to make all of them, because they all sounded so good, but I figured we’d better just pick one or we might never get the review done! 🙂

We decided to make the 3-Step Pumpkin Cheesecake:

I really wish I could have tried it, because it smelled absolutely divine… and I love cheesecake! But, I couldn’t try it, so I had to let my husband, daughter, and 2 oldest sons to do the tasting for me. The “Mmmmmmmm’s” and “Yum’s” that I heard while they were eating made it pretty clear that we had made a good choice. It was a hit with all of them, and they can’t wait for me to try another recipe!

There are 2 ways you can purchase the Pumpkin Recipes for Autumn Holidays book:
If you prefer an ebook, you can find it here. You can purchase the ebook for only $1! It’s a steal at that price, and you will be helping fund Eamon’s therapies!
If you prefer an actual book that will be mailed to your door, you can find it here. The paperback book is only $10, and again, all proceeds go to benefit Eamon.

Go get your copy today! You won’t be disappointed!

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    Pampered Pregger & Beyond says:

    Thanks for reviewing the recipes and I am so happy to hear that “mmmmmmmmmm” was what you heard!

    Yummy stuff in there!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Tiffani (Eamon’s Mom)

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