Say it Forward: Week Six

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Every Friday on 5 Minutes for Mom, they do a wonderful post called “Say it Forward.” The purpose is to thank those who are faithful in commenting on your blog and spread a little love. Each week, I will pick a different faithful commenter and post about them.

This week, I am giving this award to Chris of What’s In Sissy’s Head?.

I first met Chris on CafeMom in a blogger’s group over there. She’s the only member of that group that still always drops by my blog, and the only one that I continue to keep up with.

I love reading Chris’ posts. She is funny, witty, and many times she digs deep and makes *me* want to dig deep, too. And, by the way, Chris – I *heart* your new tattoo! I’m dying for a new one, but I’ll have to live with the two I have for now. 😉

Thanks for always stopping by with a comment, Chris. I am so glad that we met, and I really enjoy stopping by your blog. I hope you’ll continue to stop by here and that I can encourage you as much as you encourage me!

Take this badge and display it on your blog proudly! 🙂


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    Danielle says:

    Alright!!!! I was wondering when you were going to give it to Chris.

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