@Sears, I am One Unhappy Customer

Yesterday, I called Sears about my broken stovetop. I spoke with Melissa and told her the story of exactly how it happened. She assured me that the damage would be covered under the warranty. At that moment, I was so thankful my husband and I had paid the almost $300 to get the extended warranty on our electric range.

Today, the technician came to the house to take pictures of the cooktop and verify that it is indeed broken. After he looked at it, he told me that the repair would cost $400, and it is not covered under the warranty. {It’s the same accidental damage clause that Walmart has.}

It didn’t upset me that it’s not covered. What upsets me is that a technician told me it WAS covered after hearing exactly how it was broken, and that we paid out so much for an “extra” warranty that doesn’t cover squat.

I bought this range in March. It has been used less than 3 months. What on earth did I pay the extra $300 for the extended warranty for if it will not cover things like this?! I wish I had recorded my conversation with the salesman at our local Sears store. He recommended we get the extended warranty because we have six kids. If that doesn’t insinuate that accidental damage would be covered by that extra warranty, I don’t know what does.

For $400, I could buy a new oven. It might not have all the bells and whistles this one has, but it would still cook my family’s food.

I have always gone to Sears for everything: Washers and Dryers, dishwashers, ranges, microwaves, and the like. Since I moved out on my own 14 years ago, every time I have made a major appliance purchase, it has come from Sears. Now, I’m done. You don’t tell a customer one thing and then tell them something else the next day. You train your associates to be upfront and honest with your customers. Now I feel cheated and angry.

I know that this will all work out how it is supposed to, but I want to send out a warning to my readers: CHECK YOUR WARRANTIES. I never, ever would have paid more for the extended warranty had I known it wouldn’t cover accidental damage. The cost of the extended warranty was almost as much as I now have to pay for the new cooktop. I’m out twice the amount of money, and for what reason? Because I didn’t take the time to read the fine print of our warranty agreement.

Let my screw-up be a lesson to you to check the details before you sign or purchase any warranty agreement. Know exactly what you are giving them money to cover.

Sears, I’d like to get a refund on the money I paid out for the extra warranty. At least with that, I could afford to fix my stove.

Anyone want to come over and grill out? We’ll be doing a lot of that for the next few weeks.

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    I’m so sorry, that is frustrating and just NOT RIGHT in my opinion. Those salespeople sell you warranties and make them sound so good, but they should tell you exactly what it doesn’t cover, too. 🙁

    I just found a document that is for a 4-year warranty on a glass top stove that says what it doesn’t cover – it does say accidents. Did they show you something like this? http://www.searscommercial.com/returns/warranties/kenmore/ew_4_wall_oven_cooktop.pdf

    So basically only a defect in material and workmanship… in my opinion that should be covered WITHOUT you having to pay $300!
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    Christy says:

    Oh that really sucks. You should never, ever pay for the extended warranties they are not worth the extra cost. They should refund you that $300.

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    The Master Protection Agreement you purchased is already fully refundable for the first year anyways. Call 1 -800 4 MY HOME.

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    ShellieAndBrutus says:

    I don’t buy into extended warranties. If the appliance breaks, it’s about the same cost to replace it. I think it’s a big rip-off.

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    Unlike a couple other responders, I am a fan of extended warranties. If you are buying anything but the cheapest appliances out there, I found it’s less expensive than paying for service calls or replacing whole appliances. At least that has been my experience and, believe me, we’ve bought some appliances over the last several years.
    The problem may lie in who you bought your appliances and service contract from. From my last comment you might guess I’m not in the Sears fan club… And you would be correct. Is there not a local appliance store in your town? Typically a retailer owned in your community would be more sympathetic to your situation. My in-laws owned an appliance store in a small town for over 20 years and I am positive that they (or somebody like them) would treat you much better than any underpaid Sears employee.

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